My work

In my 12 years of writing and editing, I’ve produced consistently top-notch content for a variety of audiences. I have a knack for getting my head around complex topics and coming up with material that gets people’s attention – and helps them do their jobs. I’m also a confident public speaker who has chaired conferences and roundtables in London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Currently I’m spending my time editing, writing and chairing events for clients including Haymarket Media, Think Publishing, CPL, the Market Research Society and the Royal Statistical Society. I also provide copywriting for a number of clients in the market research and lighting industries.

Before I went freelance I was head of content for the Lux brands at Revo Media, which included editing Lux magazine and, as well as overseeing video production and developing conference programmes. Previously I spent several years writing for Research magazine and, and a spell in news journalism in the Bahamas.

Here’s a selection of my work from various publications.


Recent work

How #research helped @twitter conquer the world, Impact/, 24 November 2016
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Any time, any place, anywhere, Work/, 24 October 2016

Are our brains Bayesian?, Significance, 1 August 2016 (login required)

Your marketing strategy is only as good as your teamCIM Exchange, 8 March 2016

Why cheap oil is great news for LED lighting,, 29 January 2016



Lux – print issues

Lux Special 6 LLLux Special: LuxLive Preview

October 2015

Lux Special 5 OTILux Special: Outdoor, Transport & Industrial Lighting

June 2015

Lux Special 4 TechLux Special: Lighting Technology

May 2015

Lux Special 3 OHELux Special: Office, Healthcare and Education Lighting

April 2015

Lux Special 2 RetailLux Special: Retail Lighting

March 2015

Lux Special 1 HospitalityLux Special: Hospitality Lighting

February 2015
(More past issues are in the Lux archive here)



Articles from Lux

Is Li-Fi the next generation of wireless communications?, 18 June 2015
LEDs now trumping other lamps in colour performance, 26 May 2015
How Da Vinci himself helped design the new lighting for The Last Supper, 14 April 2015
Europe’s plan to make the humble lamppost a bit less humble, 17 March 2015
Reviewed: The CoeLux skylight, 13 March 2015
The spy lights that can track your location using your phone, 13 March 2015
Lighting lessons from TripAdvisor, 5 March 2015
Something for nothing? New invention runs LED lights ‘for free’, 25 February 2015
Why product datasheets make lighting buyers despair, 20 February 2015
Tata fined £200,000 after lights fail during steel plant accident, 19 February 2015
French authorities ‘failing to monitor night light ban’ say dark sky advocates, 10 Feb 2015
‘There was no energy performance contracting market in Dubai. So we’re creating it’, 3 Feb 2015
The man who’s making Britain’s councils look twice at their LED streetlighting specs, 26 Jan 2015
Six ways the lighting industry could be more sustainable, 1 Oct 2014


Articles from Research

Whatever next? – feature on predictions from Research, January 2012
The trolley and the IV – feature on violence in hospitals from Research, January 2012
Centre of attention – feature on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings from Research, October 2011
Mum’s the word – interview with Mumsnet co-founder Carrie Longton from Research, August 2011
Let’s stick together – interview with Jurjen Jacobs of Velcro from Research, July 2011
Off to a good start – interview with Paul Lindley of Ella’s Kitchen from Research, April 2011
Picture perfect – from Research, March 2011
Portable potential – from Research, February 2011
This month we… failed a sensory test – from Research, January 2011
About face – interview with Paul Ekman from Research, October 2010
State of the nation – interview with Deborah Mattinson from Research, September 2010
Brain sells: Cutting through the neuromarketing hype – from Research, September 2010
Time to put your foot down – from Research, August 2010
This month we… became a fake respondent – from Research, July 2010
Behavioural targeting’s insight failure – from Research, June 2009
Do politicians ‘get’ research? – from Research, June 2009
Think of a number – interview with journalist and author Michael Blastland from Research, February 2009
Buyology lesson – interview with Martin Lindstrom and review of Buyology, from Research, January 2009
Climate of intimidation – from Research, January 2008
Aussie rules – interview with Lynton Crosby from Research, August 2007


Articles from The Tribune

A bird’s eye view of the devastation left by Frances, 6 Sep 2004
Families of missing men are ‘hurt and disgusted’ by police, 13 Aug 2004
Immigrants tell their stories, 30 July 2004 (part one, part two)
Alarm at gay cruise TV coverage, 10 July 2004
Cricketer’s treatment sparks concern from Jamaican PM, 7 July 2004
‘Talking about art is not my strong point’, 23 June 2004
‘Terrorist’ remarks spark fury, 18 June 2004


Articles from other publications

Chagos: Dirty tricks and delays – from, 23 May 2007
Theatre review: Rafta, Rafta! – from, 8 May 2007
Do we “fake it” for the tourists? – from, 5 July 2006
Building upon a charitable idea – from, 15 June 2006



A million views and counting – A report on the fake skylight that looks totally real. I managed the project, oversaw the edit, and wrote and recorded the voiceover. It was shot and edited by Veanne Tsui for Revo Media.


Shot by me – A report on the new lighting at Durham Cathedral and Castle. I shot this one, conducted all the interviews and wrote and recorded the voiceover. It was edited by Richard Simmonds for Revo Media.


Starring me – An introduction to high-mast lighting. I presented this one, wrote the script and oversaw the edit. It was edited by Jack Everitt for Revo Media.


Shot by me – A report on the introduction of LED lighting to the Paris Metro. I shot this one and conducted the interviews. Presented by Pennie Varvarides and edited by Richard Simmonds for Revo Media.


Twenty thousand views and counting – A report from the LuxLive lighting show on 10 exciting new products. I came up with the idea, managed the project and oversaw the edit.


Shot and edited by me – Interviews with young market researchers. I came up with the idea for this one, shot it, conducted the interviews, and edited it in iMovie for


Audio interviews and reports from Research

Ben Page on how the recession has affected consumers – from Research, August 2010
Rory Sutherland on behavioural economics – from Research, February 2010
John Gerzema on research and the ‘brand bubble’ – from Research, July 2009
Is piracy the new market research? – from Research, July 2009
Moving the online quality debate forward – from Research, June 2009