All I want for Christmas is swearing

17 Dec 2009 0

I’m glad to see that Rage Against The Machine are lapping up the publicity from the impromptu internet campaign for their 1992 song Killing In The Name to beat that boy off the X Factor to the Christmas number one.

There’s a great clip here of Rage performing the song on BBC Radio 5 Live. The BBC had asked the band if they wouldn’t mind awfully leaving out the (plentiful) swearing from the song’s lyrics. Somehow they failed to see the delicious irony in telling someone not to say the phrase “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.” And so it was that the poor delicate listeners were subjected to the F-word several times before Shelagh Fogarty stepped in to defend them.

Fogarty says: “We were expecting it and asked them not to do it and they did it anyway… so buy Joe’s records.”

And if that’s not a call to action to go and buy the Rage single on iTunes even though you already have it on CD (and then sign up for another account and buy it again), then I don’t know what is.

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