I’ve gone freelance

20 Oct 2015 0
I’ve gone freelance

This desk, acquired and assembled by my other half as a birthday present, is testament to the fact that I’ve finally gone freelance! After a decade working in-house for various publications, I handed in my notice this summer and am, as of now, a self-employed writer and editor, working mostly from this very desk. To be honest, I’ve pondered doing this since I started out, but I never quite got round to it until now – spurred on partly by becoming a dad this year.

So if I might be able to help you with anything, give me a shout. I’ve edited print and online trade publications covering business, technology, energy, statistics, marketing and social research and all sorts of other stuff. I’ve also chaired numerous conferences, taken loads of photos for publication and produced the odd video. I might even write a book one day, but don’t hold your breath, especially if you don’t like stories about robots.

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