Content in context

22 Mar 2015 0
Content in context

Content is a big deal these days.

If you work in media or marketing, you’ll be hearing a lot about content. Even if you don’t, you may be thinking about it as a way to help promote your business.

My job title recently changed from a series of variations on “editor”, to “head of content”. The idea is that the job isn’t just about producing print publications, or keeping websites fresh, it’s about creating great “content” through every possible means and medium. All very sensible.

To me, content is an odd word because it doesn’t really mean anything without context.

Setting the world of media aside for a second, “content” just means something that’s inside something else, doesn’t it? Like the contents of a box, or the contents page of a novel, or the content of someone’s character.

So in the context of media, content means “stuff”. It’s the stuff that you publish in your newspaper, or website or TV channel. I’m the head of stuff (which is fine by me, by the way).

Strange that a word that used to mean “something inside something else”, now specifically means articles, infographics, photos, YouTube videos, white papers and tweets.

Not a point of enormous import in the Great Scheme of Things, perhaps, but worth remembering when we have to explain our job titles to people outside the world of media.

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