Privacy and press freedom in 2011 – a glossary

28 Apr 2011 0

The state of privacy and press freedom has become hellish confusing in recent years, hasn’t it? I’ve begun putting together a glossary which I hope will help to clear a few things up:

Super-injunctions – A thing rich people use to keep their iniquity private by stopping anyone reporting on it and, for good measure, stopping anyone reporting that they’ve stopped anyone reporting on it. Forces the public to eschew traditional media and get their news from people on Twitter who aren’t scared of being sued. Andrew Marr believes super-injunctions are “out of control”, and he should know.

Phone-hacking – According to the police, an illegal practice which every national newspaper journalist knew was going on but none were involved in.

Wikileaks – An organisation which threatens our freedom to live in ignorance of unpleasant facts, run by a man who believes we should all know everything about everything except him.

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