Made in China?

28 Apr 2011 0

If you own any Apple products, you may be aware that they are “Designed by Apple in California” but “Assembled in China”. It says so on the back. And it annoys me a bit every time I see it.

What does this statement tell us?

Firstly it tells us that Apple products are made in China. I’m guessing that most western goods manufactured in China aren’t designed there, so the fact that the visionaries behind the iPad are based in Silicon Valley and not Sichuan Province is no big surprise.

Secondly, it tells us that Apple aren’t particularly proud of its products being made in China. It’s not something many manufacturers really shout about, but Apple’s approach is particularly distasteful, as the point seems to be to denigrate the people who actually make the product at the expense of the Californian boffins. The word “assembled” conjures up an image of an Ikea flat pack or a Lego instruction leaflet. Any fool could “assemble” an iPhone, surely?

People pay increasing attention to the provenance of goods they buy. It would be nice, for once, to see a tech manufacturer state proudly where their stuff was built, in big letters, and with some information about who did it and in what conditions. I’d respect them for that.

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