Women’s clothing

22 Jan 2010 0

I came to a sad realisation when I was shopping for presents this Christmas. I don’t really understand women’s clothes.

I thought I did, what with being a modern man and all, but I was only a few clicks into the Monsoon website before I felt like I’d wandered across a border into a foreign country. Check out these categories:
Evening Dresses – OK, I know what those are. Dresses you wear in the evening. Posh ones.
Maxi Dresses – Sorry, what? What attribute has been maximised? The price? The amount of fabric? The number of sleeves?
Occasion Skirts – Err… skirts that are invisible except on national holidays?
Boleros and Shrugs – You’ve completely lost me now. These sound, respectively, like small towns in Portugal and Austria.
Treats lurking in other sections of the site include ‘Occasion Tunics’ (save those for the really important medieval re-enactments) and something called a ‘Munro Jumpsuit’, which I’m sure impatient hillwalkers will find most useful.
Dear Monsoon, I admit defeat. Yours baffledly, Robot Brain.

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